FactoryNetwork - Your Marketplace for New or Used Equipment & Industrial Services
Your Marketplace for New or Used Equipment & Industrial Services

Fees.  Becoming a Registered User of FactoryNetwork, Inc. is free.  The fees for selling items and other services offered on the FactoryNetwork website are as listed below.  All fees are quoted in U.S. Dollars, unless otherwise stated, and are subject to change.  FactoryNetwork may, at our sole discretion, change, add or remove any of our services at any time.   Users are responsible for paying all applicable taxes for the purchase or sale of all items or service transactions on our site.

Any fees charged to the User are strictly for the right to use the services provided on the FactoryNetwork website.  In no way does the payment of fees by the User constitute any exclusive rights to any web page within the FactoryNetwork website.  FactoryNetwork, Inc. reserves the right to place third party advertisements on any web page within the FactoryNetwork website, without the User's consent.

FREE Registration:
Users can fill out the Registration Form to gain full access to our system.  Registration is FREE, and gives the User full access
to our system. Users must be registered in order to Buy or Sell items on our site.  Registered Users also have access to
detailed information about the companies in our Service Network, and can also add their company to the Service Network.

No Annual or Monthly Fees & No long-term contracts to sign:
There are no monthly or annual fees, and no long-term contracts to sign.  Only pay for the services that you use.

Browsing, Bidding & Buying:   FactoryNetwork does not charge any fees for browsing the web site.  Sales transaction fees are applied to the final sale price of any equipment sold (see "Sales Transaction Fees" below for more information).

FREE Standard Listings:.  There are no fees charged to the Seller for standard listings.  A standard listing includes selecting a category for your asset, providing a title and full description of your asset, a link to a photo, a link to specifications for the asset, and any other information specific to your asset. Standard listings are defined as the listings that the Seller enters in to the website themselves. If you do not have the time to enter your information into the website or need help taking your inventory of equipment, additional listing services are available from FactoryNetwork for additional fees (See Additional Listing Services section below for more information).

Enhanced Listings:  Enhanced listings help to promote your assets.  The fees for enhanced listings apply to each asset listed with enhanced listing features and are non-refundable. Enhanced Listing fees are as follows:

Enhanced Listing Options Fees
-  1 Photo stored on your server (supply us with the link) FREE
-  Additional photos stored on your server (supply us with the links) $1.00 ea.
-  1 photo stored on our server (max size 50KB) $5.00
-  Additional photos stored on our server (max size ea. 50KB) $2.00 ea.
-  1 Specification page stored on your server (supply us with the link) FREE
-  Additional specification pages stored on your server (supply us with the links) $1.00 ea.
-  1 Specification page stored on our server (max size 50KB) $5.00
-  Additional specification pages stored on our server (max size ea. 50KB) $2.00 ea.
Featured Asset Listing on Home Page Quoted
Featured Asset Photo on Home Page Quoted

Seller Sales Transaction Fees:  The Seller is charged a sales transaction fee of 5% of final sales price, based on the bid accepted by the Seller. Other fees may apply to the Seller if the Seller requests additional services from FactoryNetwork, as detailed below or as negotiated between Seller and FactoryNetwork. (see "Additional Listing Services Available" below).  Any additional fees shall be negotiated by both parties up-front.

Buyer Sales Transaction Fees:  The Buyer is charged a sales transaction fee of 5% of final sales price, based on the bid accepted by the Seller.

Re-listing Items:  If the asset does not sell during the first auction period, the Seller can re-list the item.   When an Item is re-listed it is assigned a new Item ID#.  If the Seller selects any enhanced listing features, then the applicable enhanced listing fees will apply.  Sellers can make any modifications to the listing when re-listing it.  Sellers may wish to lower the minimum bid or add enhanced listings to try to attract more bidders to their asset. 

Additional Listing Services Available:  FactoryNetwork also offers additional services to help you sell your equipment. We can provide as much help as you need to get your equipment sold.  We will work with you on selecting the best level of service for your specific situation, at reasonable rates.  To request a quote for the additional listing services, please send an email to quote@factorynetwork.com and specify which services you would like FactoryNetwork to provide.  The following services are available for additional charges, depending on the level of service that you require:

  • Listing equipment for you:  Send us a complete list of your equipment, including photos, and we will list the equipment for you. For more information send an email to NewListings@factorynetwork.com and attach your equipment list, if it is available.
  • Taking inventory of your equipment: We can also schedule a site-visit to your plant and take a full inventory of your equipment for you. We can take photos of the equipment and include them with your listings on the FactoryNetwork web-site.
  • Equipment inspections: We can help you set-up equipment inspections with prospective Buyers.
  • Collect written equipment bids: We can collect written equipment bids and forward them to you for your review.
  • Additional marketing services: We can provide additional advertising services to market and sell your equipment. 

Service Network (FREE standard listings):  All registered Users get a FREE standard listing in the Service Network.  The Service Network allows your company to be displayed with similar types of companies under the industry categories in which your company operates.   Manufacturers often use the Service Network to locate quality companies for specific services within their industries.  The Service Network provides another way for potential customers to find your company and to drive additional traffic to your website.

Service Network (Featured Listings):  Although standard listings are free, companies can choose to receive additional marketing exposure by selecting to be listed in the top-tier of each category or industry for which they serve, for an additional fee. Companies that choose the Featured Listing status will be displayed in the top-tier of the search results, ahead of all of the standard listings, for each category and industry that they choose. Featured Listings provide companies with additional marketing exposure to potential customers at a reasonable price.  Contact FactoryNetwork for additional information on Featured Listings.

Terms of Payment:  Fees for services provided by FactoryNetwork are due imediately upon receipt of services. Fees may be paid by credit card, check, wire transfer, or money order immediately upon receipt of services. Payments not recieved after 10 days will be invoiced via email to the Registered User's email address, with interest charges applied.  Users are responsible for payment regardless of whether or not they receive the invoice.  Returned checks are subject to a $20.00 service charge.  International checks or money orders are subject to a $20 processing fee. 

Past due accounts will be charged 1.5% per month of the past due balance until the full payment is received.  FactoryNetwork, Inc. may, at our sole discretion, discontinue a User's right to use the FactoryNetwork website for any past due accounts, and turn over the account to a collection agency.  A $40 reactivation fee will apply to any account reopened after termination.  FactoryNetwork reserves the right to refuse any User's request to reopen their account.  The FactoryNetwork, Inc. Fees and Terms of Payment are subject to change at any time without notice.