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Brownfield Charities, Inc. (BCI)

Brownfield Charities, inc. is a 501(c)(3) corporation designed to combat community deterioration, while donating all net proceeds to charities.

Using BCI to contribute your used industrial assets (including used equipment, or abandoned or underutilized property) to charity creates an impressive win-win-win situation.

You Win:  Your donation of industrial assets is a legal tax deduction, deductible to the fullest extent of the law.  (see your accountant for details on how this may help your tax situation.)

BCI Wins:  Brownfield Charities receives your donation of used equipment and resells it, with the proceeds going towards various charities.  Donations of real estate are either redeveloped and used for a charitable use or resold to raise money for the charities.

The community wins:  When abandoned or underutilized property is donated, the community is rid of a "Brownfield problem" and the charities receive the benefit of the excess funds when the property is sold or donated to a worthy cause.  When used equipment is sold, the proceeds also go toward the charities.

Intent:  It is the intent of Brownfield Charities to accept most real estate, even those properties that do not meet present day environmental standards.  It is also their intent to apply for state & federal funds to bring these donated properties up to or exceed state & federal guidelines.  Brownfield Charities also intends to accept used equipment that has value and that can be resold to raise money for charitable purposes.

Frequently Asked Questions:

The President, Tony Staub, has volunteered and served as a Board member for many charities and non-profit organizations.  He has assisted charities with guidance in overall project management, construction matters, lease agreements, bond financing and environmental matters.  Mr. Staub recently completed a $14,000,000 redevelopment project for a non-profit organization ensuring a steady source of funding for the organization's future needs.

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